Vienna Medical Academy

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unicampusoldThe VMA was founded by Professor Wagner-Jauregg (Nobel prize winner in medicine) in 1924. It since organizes courses, seminars as well as congresses, and serves medical societies.

The VMA is situated at the New University Campus in close proximity of the New University Clinics. Construction of the historical building - where the VMA is accommodated - was started in 1693 under the Austrian Emperor Leopold I and after his death continued by Empress Maria Theresia's eldest son, Emperor Joseph II. Up to the year 1992 all University clinics were located at this campus. Its on these premises where the roots of the famous "Wiener Medizinische Schule" are to be found. Professors in medicine like, Hyrtl, Semmelweis, Rokitansky, Hebra, Billroth, Koller, Escherich, Wertheim, Pirquet, Landsteiner, Wagner-Jauregg, Knaus - to name only a few of them - worked and taught at these clinics.