9th CASEE Conference: Research based education at life science universities in the Danube region towards a sustainable future

Abstract Submission


Extended Deadline for submission is: January 31, 2018, 24:00 CET

Oral and Poster Presentations

The Scientific Programme Committee invites abstracts to be considered for inclusion in the programme. Abstracts can be submitted only online on the website. Online Submission is now open.


Extended Deadline for Abstract Submission: January 31, 2018, 24.00 hrs Central European Time.

Detailed guidelines for online-abstract submission

Please read the instructions carefully and proceed to submission by clicking on the link below.

  1. Writing the abstract
  2. When entering the site...
  3. Submission steps
  4. General Information on Abstract Submission and FAQ
  5. Acceptance and Selection of Abstracts
  6. Abstract Publication
  7. Submission Fee
  8. Support


Writing the abstract...

When entering the site...

Please note that, if you submitted an abstract to an earlier conference using OASIS, your data are still in the sytem and you may use this same account for submission. In case you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it from the login screen.

First time users:

  1. When entering the submission page, hit "" on the left side of the page.
  2. Fill in all required fields and save your personal information by clicking "Continue" on the online form. Your username will be generated automatically from your email-address.
  3. Locate "Abstracts" and click on "Submit an abstract"
  4. Carefully follow the step-by-step instructions.

Returning users, continuing an aborted submission or editing an abstract already submitted:

  1. Login with the username (your email address) and password that you received when creating the account.
  2. Locate the abstract in "Abstracts" and click on the displayed abstract title to make changes or complete the abstract.
  3. Continue your submission or click on desired menu item you wish to change.
  4. Changes can be made until the submission deadline.

Returning users, submitting another abstract:

  1. Login with the username and password that you received when creating the account.
  2. Locate "Abstracts" and click on "Submit an abstract"
  3. Carefully follow the step-by-step instructions.


In the welcome area, locate "Abstracts" and click on "Submit an abstract"
Submission step 1: Title
  • Three affirmations need to be agreed on, in order to submit the abstract.
  • In the title, please use capital letters ONLY where absolutely necessary (e.g. 'Detection of two novel large mutations in SLC7A9 by semi-quantitative fluorescent multiplex PCR').
  • Please DO NOT format the title in bold, underline, or enter line breaks. Use italics only where required by nomenclature.
Submission step 2: Topic
  • Please take care to allocate your submission to a suitable topic. The respective topic need to be selected from a list.
  • The 6 topics to choose from are as follows:

    1. Modern agriculture and rural development (including landscape planning)
    2. Renewable resources – possibilities and constraints (including forests and biotechnology)
    3. Sustainable food systems and quality
    4. Environmental safety and climate change
    5. Agricultural engineering (ATAE)
    6. New challenges in animal science and veterinary medicine

Submission step 3: Keywords
  • A minimum of 3 keywords, describing your work, needs to be entered (maximum 5).
Submission step 4: Authors
  • A maximum of 30 authors is allowed.
  • A maximum of 3 institutions per author is allowed.
  • The order of the authors as well as the name of the presenting author (marked in green) can be edited during the submission process.
Submission step 5: Abstract Text
  • The text cannot exceed 3500 characters, excluding title and authors (minimum 1500 characters).
  • Tables, graphics, photos etc. are not allowed.
  • The text may be uploaded (from a Word document) not containing title and authors. Alternatively it may be typed in (or copy/pasted from an existing document).
  • Special characters are widely supported.

Submission step 6: Presentation Preference

  • Please indicate your preference in this step, especially in case you do not want your abstract to be selected as oral presentation.

Submission step 7: Submission Summary
  • The summary page will display all information related to your abstract.
  • Please make sure you print the summary page for your records.
  • The system also has an e-mail confirmation feature. Simply click the appropriate link on the summary page and fill in your email address(es) in the appropriate box.
  • If you choose to delete the submission, this can be made here. Please note that you will be able to retrieve deleted submissions.



General Information on Abstract Submission and FAQ

Browser Issues

Account management - Personal Information -

Corrections - Withdrawal



Acceptance and Selection of Abstracts

All submitted abstracts will be anonymised and reviewed by the Scientific Programme Committee in February 2018. Authors will be notified in due course whether their abstract has been accepted. Notifications on final assignment (spoken presentation or poster) will follow in due course.


For support during the submission process, please send an email to mv@medacad.org.