The 6th AMSOS 2017 Meeting with 1st Viennese Wet-Lab Workshop for Musculoskelet, Vienna, 27 - 28th February. 2017, invites you to submit abstracts for inclusion in the programme. Abstract submission is now open.

Please note: Extended Abstract Submission Deadline: January 31, 2017, 24:00 CET.

Attention! In case you are using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and the link below does not work, please use another browser! Guidelines - Please read the instructions carefully!
For informations concerning formal issues please see the EXAMPLE ABSTRACT



  • The text must not exceed 300 words (minimum 100), excluding title and authors.
  • A maximum of 3 institutions per author is allowed.  
  • Tables may be included. Graphics or images are not allowed.
  • All accepted submissions will either be presented as posters or as oral presentations.
  • All abstracts have to be submitted in English.

Before you get started......

    Type your abstract in a common Word Processor (e.g. MS Word). Please save a copy of the file with the abstract text only (no title or authors). This file can then be used for a "file upload" (most convenient way of submission). The upload feature supports and converts tables within the document. Special characters are widely supported. Alternatively, you also might copy and paste your content, using the "Enter Abstract Text" - button.

First Time Users:  

  1. When entering the submission page, hit "Click here to create a new user account" on the left side of the page.
  2. In case you have submitted an abstract at a previous meeting using OASIS, your login data are still valid. In this case, please login with your login and password on the right side of the page ("returning users"). In case you cannot retrieve your access data, please use the "forgot password" option.
  3. In the welcome area you will see the link "AMSOS Abstract" in a pale frame. Click on "Submit Abstract". Follow the step by step instructions for submission.
  4. Eventually, you will see a summary of your submission in the last step ("Review my work"), which you may print. Your abstract should now have a green "complete" icon in the welcome area.


Returning users, continuing an aborted submission or editing an abstract already submitted:

  1. Log in with the username and password that you received when creating the account.
  2. Locate the abstract in "AMSOS Abstract" and click on the displayed abstract title to make changes or complete the abstract.
  3. Continue your submission or click on the desired menu item on the left side of the page.
  4. Changes can be made until the submission deadline.


Returning users, submitting another abstract:

  1. Log in with the username and password that you received when creating the account.
  2. Locate "AMSOS Abstract" and click on "Submit Abstract".
  3. Carefully follow the step-by-step instructions.





Browser Issues

  • For optimum results when using the Online Submission System, it is recommended that you use Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher for Windows. For Macintosh users we recommend Safari 3.0 or higher for Mac OS 10.4. or higher.  
  • Submission is perfectly possible with other browsers as well, but some advanced functions are possible only with the above.
  • Please note that you must also have JavaScript and Cookies enabled in your browser preferences in order for the system to function properly. Instructions to enable cookies are given on the login page.
  • A list of compatible browsers is given on the login page.


Account management - Personal Information - Password

  • Please create only one account per submitting author. The system stores your information. If you choose to submit more than one abstract you will not need to create another account. See "Returning users".
  • After you created the account, the system will display a password and username that will allow you to return and edit, delete or withdraw your abstract at a later stage.
  • Personal information can be edited if necessary by clicking on "Profile" (e.g. in case of an address change).
  • Attention: All correspondence regarding the acceptance of your abstract will be emailed to the email-address given by you in the "author section". Please provide a working email address.


Corrections - Amendments

  • The title of your abstract is displayed in the Welcome Area, together with the information on whether the submission is complete or incomplete. To edit the abstract, simply click on the title step.
  • Changes and editing can be made until the extended deadline of January 31, 2017, 24:00 hrs. In case of a mistake during the submission, it is not necessary to submit a "new abstract". Click on the step to be amended and make the correction.
  • Aborted submissions can be picked up and completed at a later stage. Authors are able to login and to select the incomplete abstract in order to continue the submission until the deadline.
  • The submission system stores the information in "real time". The moment you reach the summary within the submission process and the system tells you "This submission is complete" your abstract is completed and has been received. However you will still be able to come back and make modifications until the deadline.
  • Please make sure you print the summary page for your records. The system also has an e-mail confirmation feature. Simply click the appropriate link on the summary page and fill in your e-mail address(es) in the appropriate box.


For support during the submission process, please send an e-mail to or call ++43 1 405 13 83 13 between 9.00 - 17.00 hrs CET.





    Submission Step 1: Title
    In the title, please use capital letters ONLY where necessary (e.g. 'Detection of two novel large mutations in SLC7A9 by semi-quantitative fluorescent multiplex PCR'). Please DO NOT format the title in bold, DO NOT underline and use italics only where necessary. The title is limited to 25 words!

    Submission Step 2: Topic
    One topic must be selected from the following:

    1. Pelvic tumors
    2. Retroperitoneal tumors and GIST

    Submission Step 3: Keywords
    Please enter a maximum of 3 (1 required) keywords representing your work.
    Submission Step 4: Authors
  • A maximum of 30 authors is allowed.
  • A maximum of 3 institutions per author is allowed.
  • The order as well as the name of the presenting author can be edited during the submission process.
  • Disclosure Information: In order to help readers form their own judgments of potential bias in published abstracts, authors are asked to declare any conflict of interest and in particular competing financial interests. Payments by the industry of up to EUR 10.000.- (or equivalent value in kind) per year per entity are considered "modest". Payments above EUR 10.000.- per year are considered "significant". If you have nothing to disclose, check the adequate box. If you have a disclosure to make, first select the relationship in the grid, then click on "Add Company" in the respective column (modest or significant) to enter the name of the entity.
    Submission Step 5: Abstract Text
  • The text cannot exceed 300 words, excluding title and authors. A minimum of 100 words is required.
  • Tables may be included. Graphic format: Tables can easily be copied and pasted in the abstract body field (i.e. from a word document).
  • Graphics/images are not allowed.
  • The text may be uploaded (from a Word document) not containing title and authors. Alternatively it may be typed in (or copy/pasted from an existing document).
  • Special characters are widely supported.
  • Support: Enter the source(s) of contributed support and/or grant numbers at the end of the abstract text section.
    Submission Step 6: Presentation Preference
    All accepted submissions will either be presented as posters or as oral presentations. Please indicate your preference in this step.
    Submission Step 7: Summary
    The summary page will display all information related to your abstract. Please make sure you print the summary page for your records. The system also has an e-mail confirmation feature. Simply click the appropriate link on the summary page and fill in your email address(es) in the appropriate box. If you choose to delete the submission, this can be made here. Please note that you will be able to retrieve deleted submissions.
    Acceptance and Selection of Abstracts
    All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Programme Committee after the submission deadline. Authors will be notified on acceptance and presentation modalities in due course.